Hill View

This remodel involved updating a stuffy top floor master bedroom and bathroom suite that had only one window – in the bathroom. The challenge to gain height and pick up expansive views without increasing the building envelope was solved by carving away part of the existing roof and eave space. This created a new wall high enough for view windows and the vanity. As a bonus the owners gained a small roof perch accessed from a large casement window. An existing (windowless) dormer was extended to the gable-end wall that was filled with windows to the ceiling. Fixtures and finishes were kept simple and organized with one accent wall of mixed tile. The result is a thoughtful use of limited space as a bright, private room with dramatic views. Sustainable features include locally sourced materials, low-voc paints, low-flow plumbing fixtures, formaldehyde free insulation and casework.

Photography by Paul Dyer